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Torn to Pieces

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We all crave what we can't have. 


Josephine left everything she had ever known when her mother announced she was getting married and was thrust head-first into a new life that came equipped with an instant family. A chance encounter at a backwoods bar leaves her yearning for more, but when she discovers the obscenely hot stranger is her soon to be stepbrother? There was no way she could have prepared for that bombshell, or the intense rollercoaster of lust and love that would soon follow.


This incredibly sexy, mysterious bad boy set her body on fire. With every encounter he lets her see behind those walls he’d built up a little bit more, which only makes her need for him intensify.


As the wedding grows closer the reality of what is happening becomes too much to ignore. This new perfect family is all her mother has ever dreamed of, and this forbidden relationship would crush those dreams. 


There only seems to be two choices. Does she break her mother’s heart? Or does she break her own? 


“I am not a reader by any means but when I came across "Torn to Pieces", something drew me to read it. Once I decided to start it, I couldn't stop. I would highly recommend reading this book even if it's not your typical genre. I have sent this book to many other friends and they love it just as much as I did. The writer did an amazing job."

- Andrea Turner

“Torn to Pieces has so much raw emotion making you feel as if you are in every moment with Josephine and Alec. This book will definitely have you in your feelings and shines light on what real true love feels like. I literally couldn’t put it down, it kept me captivated from beginning to end. You’re missing out if you haven’t started reading this yet!!"

- Mackenzie Brand

An unexpected romance for the ages…. “ I turn to finally get a look at the infamous Alec and my blood runs cold. My fork hits the porcelain plate and my mouth is wide open.“ Jo’s life is turned upside down when her mom informs her that she is not only getting married but they are moving the summer before Jo’s senior year. New family, new town, new school, new friends, and a new bad boy that she definitely should stay away from but will she. From the beginning you are drawn into this forbidden love story and unable to tear your eyes away.

- Mrs.Shock2020

"Torn to pieces is an excellent book, I fell in love with the main character and her story instantly. This book made me sad, angry, happy, I felt like I was in the relationship too. I’ve read so many romance stories on wattpad but this one stood out and I won’t ever forget the story. I 10/10 recommend reading this story. The ending will leave you wanting more!"

- destinyashlyn

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