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Get to Know Me

Hello! I am so happy that you are joining me on this incredible adventure. For me, writing has always been an escape. When I sat down and began typing the first chapter of my very first book, Torn to Pieces, I never could have imagined the life it would take on. What was meant to be a hobby became something that I felt so passionate about, and the response from the Wattpad community was mind-blowing. Within six months of completing the book I had over 100K reads. 

Being told your work is something special is a feeling that I have a hard time putting into words. The encouragement and support I received from so many was overwhelming, and it gave me the strength to take this leap. 

I am a mom, a college student, work full-time, and still somehow find time for this dream. 

I am a lover of anything to do with romance and fantasy, and a perpetual fan of the underdog. I tend to favor bad boys... but then again, who doesn't! 

To everyone who has been a part of getting me where I am today, thank you. I will forever be grateful that you believed in me. 


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