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Every bad boy wants a good girl that can be bad only for him... And every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good only for her.

Katherine Wilder is innocent and unsure of herself, and is hoping that a summer under the sun with her free-spirited Aunt Shelly will help her figure out who she really is.


The Dalton brothers come home to stay with their parents each summer, and Katherine is intrigued by the two men that are so very different. Thomas is kind and tries to make Katherine see herself the way the world does, but Beau is mysterious and threatens to awaken something inside her that she never even knew existed.


For Katherine, choosing between the light and dark may be the hardest decision she ever has to make.


“I have read a couple different books from this author and I will continue to do so. I started reading this and found it extremely hard to put down. I finished this book within 48 hours and need a second book for this series, its that good. The plot and climaxes the author wrote for this book is indescribable. I definitely recommend reading this book."

- Andrea Turner

“I don’t even know where to start!! The drama pulls you in and the twist of the plot keep you wanting more. I love how relatable Katherine is through out the story, you’ll feel like her BFF by the end. I’m requesting second book for this series ASAP, one of my favorite reads for sure!!"

- Mackenzie Brand

“Y’all, this book had me hooked! & now whenever I get a notification about a new story from this author, I immediately get excited! The amount of detail & heart that Harper Ashley pours into these stories is astounding! You will not be disappointed in reading anything from this new writer & following her to fame!"

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